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Title:EP-178 | Hindutva, Muslims in India, Wokeism, Rahul vs. Modi ft. Abhijit Iyer-Mitra & Kushal Mehra

In the latest episode of the ANI Podcast with Smita Prakash, we bring you a perfect blend of humour, fun, and candid discussions. Joining the conversation are Senior Fellow at the Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, and Author & 'The Cārvāka Podcast' host Kushal Mehra. The duo delves into discussions around the country's socio-political landscape amidst the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Abhijit and Kushal explore the rise of political Hindutva and the introduction of monotheism in India through Islam. Abhijit criticizes the rise of 'woke' philosophy in the West and its impact in India. The duo also talks about the pro-Palestine protests sweeping through Western universities, mainly in the United States. In this podcast, they discuss the BJP-led Modi government, with Abhijit and Kushal questioning Rahul Gandhi and his leadership style. The duo also criticizes the Indian political system for its lack of space for free speech. Kushal also talks about his book 'Nastik: Why I Am Not an Atheist' and the thought process behind it. Tune in! This podcast is also filled with fun, laughter, witty jibes, and playful banter. #anipodcastwithsmitaprakash #abhijitiyermitra #kushalmehra #podcast Join ANI's YouTube membership to get access to perks: Subscribe now and press the bell icon 🔔 to get new video updates: Timestamps 0:00 - Coming Up 1:34 - Introduction 4:00 - Rise of Hindutva 13:00 - Constitution Row 16:15 - Indian Muslims 20:30 - Western Media's Hypocrisy 22:46 - Rise of Wokeism 35:00 - Pro-Palestine Stir in U.S. 42:00 - Wokeism a Threat to India? 44:25 - Riddhi Patel Row 46:20 - Rahul Gandhi 'Merit' Controversy 50:20 - The Woke Narrative 54:15 - "Rahul Gandhi is Dangerous" 1:00:50 - Hypocrisy of Modi Critics 1:05:30 - Veganism 1:08:50 - Hindutva as a 'Disruptor' 1:11:30 - The Modi Factor 1:14:20 - Pluralism in Indian Society 1:27:00 - Indian Secularism 1:33:00 - Mutual Respect & Tolerance 1:38:30 - Hindu Population 1:45:40 - YouTube & Hate Speech 1:49:30 - Freedom of Speech in India 1:59:00 - Muslims in Modi's India -------------------------------------- ANI is South Asia's leading Multimedia News Agency providing content for every information platform, including TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, and mobiles. Subscribe now! Enjoy and stay connected with us!! ☛ Subscribe to ANI News YouTube channel: ☛ Visit our Official website: ☛ Follow ANI: ☛ Like us: ☛ Email to:, ☛ Copyrights © All Rights Reserved ANI Media Pvt Ltd.


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