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Join me for this 20 Min LOW IMPACT CARDIO WORKOUT and let's burn some calories and get a good sweat! . This is an energetic low impact cardio workout you can use for calorie burn and weight loss. It's all standing, and requires absolutely no equipment! Standing Workout For Weight Loss - No Talking, No Jumping, No Equipment Easy to perform at home, without any complicated moves. Sweaty low impact cardio session you can use for calorie burn & weight loss. Low impact cardio workout that is easy on the knees. - KNEE FRIENDLY - NO SQUATS - NO LUNGES - NO JUMPING - NO REPEAT - ACHIEVABLE RESULTS - REMEMBER: You can always change the pace or intensity of all my workouts to suit your mood or energy level for the day. I post daily low impact workouts for Weight Loss & Toning! Burn calories and reach your step goal in the comfort of your own home. I post daily indoor workouts anyone can do! MY MUSIC (30 days free): SUBSCRIBE to MY CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE to BURPEEGIRL SHORT WORKOUTS: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK GROUP: MY TIMER & PROGRESS BAR: MY MAIL (for business inquires): DONATE to support MY CHANNEL: Here are a few playlists you might find useful if you are looking for more steady state cardio workouts: LET`S GET SHREDDED: STRENGTH TRAINING with WEIGHTS Muscle Toning Workouts: More Steady State Cardio Workouts: More MISS Cardio Workouts: More LISS Cardio Workouts More Fast Walking for Weight Loss Workouts: WARM UPS & COOL DOWNS D I S C L A I M E R I am not a certified trainer. This is my personal workout and may not be suited for others. If you'd like to give this workout a try, make sure to check with your physician first. 🔥20 Min FAT BURNING CARDIO for WEIGHT LOSS🔥KNEE FRIENDLY🔥NO SQUATS/LUNGES🔥NO JUMPING🔥NO REPEATS🔥 #fatburning #lowimpact #kneefriendly fat burning, high intensity, low impact home cardio workout, Low Impact 30 minute cardio workout- Beginner/intermediate, Low impact, high intensity, NO equipment - cardio workout, 30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners. Achievable, low impact results, 20 Min FAST TABATA CARDIO for Weight Loss, LOW IMPACT, KNEE FRIENDLY, NO REPEATlow impact cardio workout,low impact workout,low impact hiit workout,low impact cardio,low impact workout for beginners,low impact full body workout,low impact,low impact high intensity cardio workout,low impact burpeegirl, low impact dance workout,low impact cardio for beginners,the body project low impact, burpeegirl treino cardio de baixo impacto, treino de baixo impacto, treino hiit de baixo impacto, cardio de baixo impacto, treino de baixo impacto para iniciantes, treino de corpo inteiro de baixo impacto, baixo impacto, treino cardio de alta intensidade de baixo impacto, burpeegirl de baixo impacto, treino de dança de baixo impacto, baixo cardio de impacto para iniciantes, the body project low impact, burpeegirl 저충격 유산소 운동, 저충격 운동, 저충격 유산소 운동, 저충격 유산소 운동, 초심자를 위한 저충격 운동, 저충격 전신 운동, 저충격, 저충격 고강도 유산소 운동, 저충격 버피걸, 저충격 댄스 운동, 저충격 초보자를 위한 임팩트 카디오, 바디 프로젝트 로우 임팩트, 버피걸


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