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Cyberbullying is a concerning issue that affects our children and teenagers. In this discussion, Poran Poregbal and Samira Gholami, volunteers hosts for Today TV shared their insights with the viewers.  Poran Poregbal informed about the factors children might be exposed to in cyberbullying. She said ( Too much lonely time, lack of parental supervision, busy parents or caregivers, and lack of outdoor activities might lead teenagers to be overexposed to the online world.) Cyberbullying is an invisible problem, as, at times, the victim may or may not share their conversations with others online. Some of these conversations could be with individuals with fake identities manipulating the child or teenager to take phones of the self, video the self, and share improper scenes of the self. Parents working and supporting their families may need to learn how their children spend their time online. Therefore, keeping track of online contacts, screen time, and the quality of conversations with others could help prevent cyberbullying. The results from a survey done by Statistic Canada in 2019 and recommendations for 2 hours of screen time were shared with viewers. I also recommend that parents have closer contact and dialogue with school counsellors and teachers in case of challenges for their children. Samira Gholami shared how she observes children of various ages; she quotes: ( they have access to one or several types of devices with internet access, while parental supervision is mostly lacking. Although parents may sometimes miss seeing the signs of children's exposure to the online world if they are working outside the home, parents' and caregivers' communication with children would be a helpful tool to avoid falling into the trap of cyberbullying. )  Cyberbullying is a challenging reality that ends up with sad consequences at times. The BC government and education system have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying in schools, which is taken very seriously. We know that children who bully others are being seen and sent for counselling or talked to, while at the same time, cyberbullying can be in a form that can not be visible to many parents.  Statistics Canada surveys how much time children spend on the screen; although the numbers are increasing, there are still children who report a 2-hour maximum of screen time. We also need to know that there is too much loneliness or solitary time for children and busy parents and guardians. We must also consider new immigrant families who arrive and how long it takes to adjust, find resources, work, and more. Therefore, the online world has both sides of information sharing, and at the same time, at times, children can be exposed to danger, and their lives can be at risk due to the effect of cyberbullying.


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