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Title:How to Actually Slow Down Time | Build With Rob EP 65

By designing and tracking your time, you can actually slow it down. How many times have you either said or heard “I can’t believe it’s already August!” or “Where did the year go?” Time has a way of passing so rapidly we don’t even notice until we look back and wonder where it all could have gone. What did we actually DO this whole time? Well, Rob knows EXACTLY what he did this year and EXACTLY where the time went. When it was used to be productive and push his goals forward, when it was spent with his family, and even when it was wasted. And he’s never surprised when it’s August. And for him, the year has gone as slow as he wants. This is because he designs and tracks every hour of his day every day. This may sound daunting at first, but once you are in complete control of your time, only then can you begin to bend it to your will. To accomplish your goals, to get the most out of every hour, every day, month and year. And to slow it down to your desired tempo. ————————————————————————————— If you loved this episode, then make sure to come back next week! Subscribe to the channel if you haven't already: Join our Machinist Community, where you get to test products before they hit the market, influence key decisions, and collab with Rob:


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