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Title:OXFORD | 4K Narrated Walking Tour | Let's Walk 2021

Join me for a walk around the legendary city of Oxford, best-known as the home of the oldest university in the English-speaking world! But along with the wealth of colleges and striking university buildings to be found around the city, there's even more to Oxford, from its role in the English Civil War to serving as the place where a number of works of fiction were inspired! On our walk around Oxford, we pass countless interesting landmarks, just a few of which include Christ Church, Christ Church Cathedral, Alice's Shop, Tom Tower, St. Aldate's Church, Oxford Town Hall, Carfax Tower, High Street, Oxford Covered Market, Lincoln College, Brasenose College, the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Magpie Lane, Merton College, Corpus Christi College, University College, the Examinations Schools, Magdalen College, Queen's Lane, All Souls' College, the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library, the Bridge of Sighs, the Clarendon Building, the Sheldonian Theatre, the White Horse Pub, Balliol College, the site of the execution of the Oxford Martyrs, the Martyrs' Memorial, The Randolph Hotel, the Ashmolean Museum, St. Mary Magdalene Church, Cornmarket Street, St. Peter at the Northgate Church, Queen Street, Oxford County Hall and Oxford Castle and Prison. Thank you so much to the following sites for their help in my research of Oxford: 0:00 The Meadow Building (Christ Church) 0:50 Christ Church 1:58 Christ Church Cathedral 2:55 Christ Church 3:03 St. Aldate's 3:15 Alice's Shop 3:46 St. Aldate's 4:39 Tom Tower 5:39 St. Aldate's 5:53 St. Aldate's Church 6:14 Tom Tower 6:26 St. Aldate's 7:22 Oxford Town Hall 7:38 St. Aldate's 8:16 Carfax 8:27 Carfax Tower 8:48 Carfax 9:15 High Street 10:08 Oxford Covered Market 10:35 High Street 10:40 Former All Saints' Church (Lincoln College Library) 11:01 High Street 11:40 Brasenose College 12:10 University Church of St. Mary the Virgin 12:43 High Street 12:52 Magpie Lane 14:38 Merton College Chapel 14:54 Merton Street 15:06 Merton College Chapel 15:23 Merton Street 16:13 Merton College 16:40 Merton Street 18:43 Examinations Schools 19:09 Merton Street 19:27 High Street 19:54 Magdalen College 20:11 High Street 20:51 Examinations Schools 21:23 High Street 21:36 Queen's Lane 22:19 High Street 23:36 All Souls' College 23:55 High Street 24:25 Catte Street 24:46 Radcliffe Camera 25:15 University Church of St. Mary the Virgin 25:45 Radcliffe Camera 26:37 Catte Street 26:47 Bodleian Library 27:10 Catte Street 27:19 Bridge of Sighs (Hertford College) 27:58 Catte Street 28:10 Clarendon Quad 28:41 Clarendon Building 28:51 Old Schools Quadrangle (Bodleian Library) 29:28 Statue of 3rd Earl of Pembroke 29:52 Tower of the Five Orders 30:16 Old Schools Quadrangle (Bodleian Library) 30:44 Clarendon Quad 31:01 Sheldonian Theatre 31:59 Divinity School 32:12 Sheldonian Theatre 32:29 Harry Potter Scar 32:45 Sheldonian Theatre 32:57 Broad Street 33:17 The White Horse Pub 33:38 Broad Street 34:37 Balliol College 35:05 Broad Street 35:26 Site of the execution of the Oxford Martyrs 35:46 Broad Street 36:15 Magdalene Street East 36:31 St. Mary Magdalene Church 36:57 Magdalene Street East 37:37 Martyrs' Memorial 38:11 The Randolph Hotel 38:29 Beaumont Street 38:46 Ashmolean Museum 39:17 The Randolph Hotel 39:34 Beaumont Street 39:41 Magdalene Street 41:11 Cornmarket Street 41:24 St. Peter at the Northgate Church 42:01 Cornmarket Street 44:10 Carfax 44:30 Queen Street 46:02 Bonn Square 46:26 Westgate Shopping Centre 46:45 Queen Street 47:01 New Road 47:50 Old Oxfordshire County Hall 48:03 New Road 48:19 Oxford Prison 49:13 Oxford Castle 50:46 Oxford Castle & Prison 52:15 Thank you for watching! Stats for nerds: Distance walked: 2.2 miles/3.5km Step count: 4400 steps (approx.) Time taken: 51 mins 50 secs Average speed: 2.5mph/4kmh Please do not use any footage from this video without my permission.


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