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Title:Have a CFMOTO 450 SS? Get THIS Now! | CFMOTO 450SS TST Fender Eliminator Kit

πŸ”§ We GIVE AWAY bikes we build. Get a chance to WIN! Sign up here: TST Fender Eliminator: TST was nice enough to give you guys a discount code! Use code "C2W10off" to get 10% off the kit I install in this video! Yoshimura Fender Eliminator: In this weeks episode of WBRGarage Chase does one of the most popular modifications when it comes to motorcycles, the fender eliminator kit. TST sent out their adjustable fender eliminator kit along with a few other goodies for the 450SS and it's time to get them installed! CFMoto 450SS Playlist: #CFMOTO #450ss #WBRGarage ................................ πŸ“‹ Full List of First Rides: πŸͺ– Ruroc Helmet: πŸ“± Quad Lock Phone Mount (10% off): 🚫 Law Tigers: 🎡 Cardo Bluetooth (10% off!): (Code:C2WCardo) πŸ§₯ Where I Get My Gear: πŸ›οΈ Full Gear List: πŸ—£οΈ Discord: πŸ“Έ Instagram: 🎢 Music: Note: Clicking the links supports the channel at no extra cost to you. Appreciate the love! Ride safe. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:20 - Ugly Rear Fender Cinematics 00:33 - Why OEM’s have to build these giant rear fenders? 1:06 - WBRGarage Push 1:56 - We have a very good and specific problem 4:17 - TST Industries Fender Eliminator Breakdown 5:14 - Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Breakdown 6:00 - Props to TST’s Instructional Video! 7:44 - Hanging up a banner? 8:20 - Unbagging parts and starting the install! 9:28 - Removing Seat and starting disassembly 10:13 - Removing Rear Tail Piece 11:06 - Prebuilding the Brackets 11:28 - Drilling Hole for Wiring 12:30 - Installing Block Off Plate 13:10 - License Plate Bracket Install 14:12 - Adjusting License Plate Bracket 15:16 - Mounting License Plate Light 16:08 - Low Profile LED Turn Signal Install 17:34 - Routing Wiring into the bike 18:24 - Connecting the Lights 18:58 - Testing Lights! 19:55 - Testing Lights Take 2! 20:09 - License Plate Light Connecting 21:05 - Installing Turn signal Flasher Relay 21:33 - Installing Brake Flasher Box 23:23 - Tidying up the rear end wiring 23:54 - Cinematic of the finished project! 24:15 - Before and After Comparison 25:11 - Video Wrap up and Outro Crew!


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