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Title:Sherlock Purr 2 (Xbox Series X) (Xclusive Indie Playthrough - Part 4) Chillin' in the Man Cave

Check out part 4 of my Xclusive Indie Playthrough series featuring the game Sherlock Purr 2! This game released on the Xbox One and Xbox Series families of consoles on March 15th, 2024. It was developed & published by Commando Panda. In this video, Sherlock Purr continues searching for the missing objects in levels 18 through 20 (the final rooms in the house). Sherlock Purr 2 is a point & click, search & find or hidden object game where you control a cute little cat who plays pretend that he's Sherlock Holmes & searches for missing items inside various rooms inside his large house. That's pretty much as far as the story in this game is concerned as it's a game that has no cutscenes, no narration, no text/dialogue or any other elements that would convey any kind of a story. The game currently includes a total of 20 levels that each consists of 3 or more rooms to explore as our feline hero as we search for the various hidden objects located at the bottom of the screen. The goal of each level is to simply find all of the ten (10) objects that are usually cleverly hidden throughout each of the rooms located within each of the 20 levels. There is also a timer at the bottom right of the screen of each level, however, the timer doesn't really affect your progress within the game or any of the game's achievements. The gameplay and controls in this game are very simple to pick up and learn while also being fairly easy to master (as this was a game that was primarily aimed at kids). Since it's a point-and-click game most of the gameplay revolves around the Left Stick and the A button. The Left Stick is used to move the pointer around the screen and the A button is used to either move Sherlock Purr around the levels or click on the items that you're searching for. The game also allows you to zoom the camera in or our using the Right Trigger and Left Trigger respectively (RT to zoom in and LT to zoom out). Finally, the Right Stick is used to rotate the camera in either direction. Finally, with regards to the achievements in this game: Sherlock Purr 2 includes a total of 20 achievements for a total of 1500 GS. This is a very easy completion as all 20 of the achievements are related to completing each of the 20 levels. The best part is that it doesn't even matter whether or not you complete them with the three star rating...all you have to do is complete each level by finding all of the missing objects that Sherlock Purr is looking for. I will admit that some of the objects are a bit of a pain to find, however, for the most part I didn't really spend more than 5 minutes on each level (except for the last five (5) levels which had a few items I actually had to look up where to find as they were really well hidden). That being said, this is a fairly easy completion that should take you around 1 to 2 hours to complete. Timestamps: 0:00 - Level 18 (Cassette Tape, Spider Web, Gnome Statue & Video Game Controller) 0:47 - Level 18 (Walkman, Electrical Outlet, Toothbrush Holder & Purple Weight) 2:31 - Level 18 (VHS Tape & Sunglasses) 3:03 - Level 19 (Inkwell, Old Radio, Small Cactus & Cooking Pot) 4:10 - Level 19 (Rubik's Cube, Analog Clock, Pink Toy Car & Hairbrush) 5:48 - Level 19 (Spatula & Bar of Soap) 7:00 - Level 20 (Roller Skates, Headphones, Toilet Brush & Soda Bottle) 8:07 - Level 20 (Vinyl Record, Half Eaten Apple, Art Piece & Rubik's Cube) 9:10 - Level 20 (Hot Dog) 10:28 - Level 20 (Blue Bird) 10:40 - Level 9 (Three (3) Star Speed Run) 12:23 - Level 10 (Three (3) Star Speed Run) 13:50 - Level 13 (Three (3) Star Speed Run) 14:50 - Level 14 (Three (3) Star Speed Run) Also, follow me on Twitch: I play all kinds of different games and genres on a regular basis so I know that there will always be something to suit everyone's tastes! :) Thanks for watching!! #SherlockPurr2 #SherlockPurr #Sherlock #CommandoPanda #Cat #XboxSeriesX #HiddenObject #HiddenObjectGame #Indie #IndieGame #Gaming #VideoGames #Xbox #XboxOne #XboxOneX #XboxSeriesS #GamplayWalkthrough #Walkthrough


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