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Title:How to Force Your Brain to Study (when you don't feel like it)

Overcome study procrastination with the LADDER METHOD. Join my Learning Drops newsletter (free): Every week, I distil what really works for improving results, memory, depth of understanding, and knowledge application from over a decade of coaching into bite-sized emails. Learner Type Quiz (free) - Figure out your learning strengths and weaknesses: Learning System Diagnostic Quiz (free) - See how the way you learn compares to top learners: Research summary on learning (free): Watch my TEDx talk on learning to learn (top 1% viewed in 2022): === Paid Training Program === Join my step-by-step learning skills program to improve your results: (Designed for busy students and professionals aiming to achieve top results without endless studying. 77% of our students cover the same amount of study material in 30% less time within 1 month.) === Timestamps === 00:00 Intro 00:35 Analogy of how the brain learns 03:01 Why do you get overwhelmed when you learn 03:43 3 Ways your brain uses energy 04:19 The Ladder Method 04:49 Rung 1 06:55 Rung 2 08:54 The secret === About Dr Justin Sung === Dr. Justin Sung is a world-renowned expert in self-regulated learning, certified teacher, research author, and former medical doctor. He has guest lectured on learning skills at Monash University for Master’s and PhD students in Education and Medicine. Over the past decade, he has empowered tens of thousands of learners worldwide to dramatically improve their academic performance, learning efficiency, and motivation. Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: LinkedIn: X:


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