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Title:Jimmy Carr: "There's A Crisis Going On With Men!"

Jimmy Carr is an award-winning comedian, writer and TV host for shows including, ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’, ‘Roast Battle’, and ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’. 00:00 Intro 02:01 How Are You, Jimmy? 03:07 Every Single Person Has Life Dysmorphia 08:59 What Is the Point of All This Work? 12:35 What Is Our End Goal? 14:08 People Crave the Success Not the Journey 16:47 You Should Be Feeling Imposter Syndrome 18:45 I Entertained My Sick Mother 19:54 The Unmeasurable Stuff Is the Important One 24:29 Depression 25:46 Men's Mental Health 27:30 What Is It to Be a Man 33:25 Losing My Religion 33:52 How Do You Deal with Grief in Your Life? 35:19 The Passing of Sean Lock 38:27 Business Is Life 39:12 The Issue Is Young People Are Not Given Enough Agency 41:52 How Comedy Teaches You to Be a Good Communicator 45:06 The Importance of Taking Risks 52:38 How To Deal with Rejection 55:31 Knowing Who You Are & What You Want to Do 58:44 Is It Motivation, Luck or Talent? 01:02:14 Being Cancelled 01:06:12 Would You Erase Your Worst Moments? 01:15:26 Artificial Intelligence 01:26:37 Self Expression 01:30:51 Jimmy's Eating Disorder 01:35:31 Advice to Younger People 01:38:25 Why You Should Sweat the Small Stuff 01:42:45 Having Confidence 01:43:40 Netflix Special 01:46:09 Dave Chapelle Attack 01:50:38 What Would You Tell Your Kids? You can watch Jimmy’s new Netflix stand-up special, ’Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer’, out on the 16th April 2024. You can purchase tickets for Jimmy’s brand-new international tour, ’Jimmy Carr: Laughs Funny’, here: Follow Jimmy: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Join this channel to get access to perks: Follow our Shorts channel for more content: My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Fiverr:


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