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Title:5G Call Flows (Session 1): How a 5G UE performs Initial Access

For 5G performance and user experience, Samsung S21/S21 Ultra series is pretty good! In case you want to buy this phone, please check out following links. UK - USA - Canada - Australia - "As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases." Disclosure: #CommissionsEarned 5G Call Flows (Session 1): How a 5G UE/Mobile performs Initial Access One of the most complex area for beginners is to understand 5G Call Flows and Signaling procedures. 3GPP defines them but they are not easy to understand. So, in this video, I have explained the 5G Call Flows (NSA) in a simplified manner and I have also included the contents of some of the important messages to show what actually goes on between UE/Mobile and the 5G network during the 5G Initial Access or Network Entry procedure! Moreover, I have highlighted some of the important 5G KPIs in the end that will help the audience to correlate the 5G Call Flow & Signaling procedure with the 5G KPI itself. This is also one of a popular 5G Interview topic as well and many questions are asked from this Signaling Procedure. You can also visit us on our blog site - in order to read our articles in detail and know more about who we are and what we do. 0:00 Start 0:50 5G Network Access Overview 3:13 5G Access Call Flow 3:57 5G B1 Threshold 6:45 5G Measurement Report 7:45 SgNB Addition Setup 8:57 How UE Gets The 5G gNB Configuration Info? 12:00 5G RACH Procedure Like Us on Facebook - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5G NR Throughput Estimation - How much speed or data rate will I get on 5G? VoLTE Capacity Planning and Dimensioning: A Dimensioning Cheat Sheet 5G Applications: How Low 5G Latency Is Achieved For Major 5G Applications! 5G Frame Structure 5G Frequency and Time Domain Structure 5G Bandwidth Efficiency - How 5G uses Frequency Bandwidth more efficiently


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