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Title:Avoid Titanium Nibs on the reMarkable...

UPDATE: It turns out my experience is consistent with that of "The Seven Pens" TLDR: If a broken stylus isn't going to bother you too much, carry on with Titanium nibs. If you are going to be upset or frustrated by a broken stylus, then you likely want to discontinue use. A few months ago, I stumbled upon titanium stylus nibs for the reMarkable. They had great reviews, so I picked them up and gave them a shot. I love the writing feel and have been using them for the last five months, but I started running into issues over the last few days. πŸ“– Mentioned in this video: β€’ My Original Titanium Stylus Video β€” β€’ reMarkable 2 β€” β€’ Titanium Nibs for reMarkableβ€” β€’ Kaweco Stylus β€” β€’ Lamy Al-Star Stylus β€” β€’ Channel Membership β€” πŸ“Ά Next Steps 1. Check out πŸ”Ž Finding Focus, the email newsletter where I share my reflections from the past week to improve your focus and creativity. 2. Check out our Discord Server for Knowledge Workers. We've got a bunch of people from all areas, but we don't have you... πŸŽ‰ You should join and come hang out: 3. Become a channel member over on Patreon. Your support encourages me to continue making things and sharing them with the world. You also get a bunch of useful Digital Assets. πŸ“Ί Subscribe β€” πŸ† Patreon β€” πŸ“« Finding Focus Newsletter β€” πŸ’¬ Discord β€” πŸ“ For more on eInk Tablets, check out β€” πŸ““ Second Brain β€” β˜• Buy Me A Coffee β€” ✍️ Current Tablet: reMarkable 2 β€” πŸ–Š My Favorite eInk Stylus: Samsung S Pen (S6 Lite) β€” βš™οΈ Current Kit / Favorite Gear β€” πŸŽ₯ Edited with Gling AI: / This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a commission. Thank you for supporting the channel. #eink #remarkable #boox #productivity


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