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Title:Gabor Mate: The Childhood Lie That’s Ruining All Of Our Lives. | E193

Gabor Mate is a multi-bestselling author and a world leading expert on trauma and how it effects us throughout our whole lives. A holocaust survivor and a first generation immigrant, Gabor’s knowledge and wisdom on the scars trauma leaves behind is deep and drawn from personal experience. Topics: 0:00 Intro 02:04 Early context 08:16 How does someone correct their traumatic events? 09:33 How did your traumatic event show shape you? 14:54 What did you focus on in your career? 16:40 What did working with patients towards the end of their life teach you? 20:34 The importance of following our passion 27:13 The Myth Of Normal 30:57 How would our approaches change if we took away the concept of normal? 41:06 How parents behaviour can impact a child 44:27 How do you define trauma? 46:57 Does everyone have trauma? 50:51 Why can two people with the same trauma turn out differently? 01:01:44 Being controlled by our trauma 01:04:20 Do we ever cut the putter master strings? 01:05:56 How does someone become more aware? 01:09:18 Additions and how we develop them 01:13:28 How do we find our sense of worth? 01:14:05 Why is authenticity so important 01:18:51 Taking personal responsibility 01:20:09 The 5 Rs to take control of your life 01:26:36 ADHD 01:40:40 Do you think society is getting more toxic? 01:50:27 What are you still struggling with? 01:54:25 The last guest’s question Gabor: Instagram - Twitter - Gabor's book, The Myth Of Normal: The Dairy sign up link: Join this channel to get access to perks: Listen on: Apple podcast - Spotify - Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Amex - Huel -


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