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Title:Awaken to the Cosmic Consciousness // Channeled Message from The Three Guides

Join the Circle: This week, the Three Guides went into the art and process of expansion. They describe what is needed for this process and how to let it happen without distortion. They also describe how our bodies, our chakra centers, and our minds will be affected by the incoming energies from the cosmos, as well as how the Collective will be affected. Group consciousness is the next part of humanity’s evolution and it is increasing. This increase in expansion is happening within and without, above and below, and cannot be stopped. They advise us on how to move with the energies, how to rest, and how to integrate it all. I feel both empowered and encouraged from this transmission! I would love to hear your experiences in the comments! New to the Three Guides? The Three Guides are scholars from the time of Atlantis and contemporaries of Thoth. They are coming through at this time to assist humanity with raising consciousness to help bring about unity and empowerment with the teachings of Hermetic wisdom. New to this channel? Eluña is an Akashic channeler, psycho-spiritual healer, and energy intuitive. Eluña receives intuitive information visually, auditorily, somatically, and energetically and is able to channel many different beings, as well as tap into the Akashic Records. Chapters 00:00 Coming Up 01:23 Announcing The Circle 05:14 Introduction to this Video 6:59 Channeled Message 19:51 Closing Remarks Join The Circle Schedule your personal reading with Eluña Learn more about all my services and offerings Follow me on Instagram --- May you remember your magic today ✨


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