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Title:How computers understand programs: From transistors to a CPU (1/3)

In the first episode of this three-part long series about computers, we will take a look at the construction and functionality of a computer. We will start our journey at the transistor scale and move up to higher levels of abstractions until we built a whole CPU. On our journey, we will meet logic gates and see how they work. With their help, we will be able to make circuits, which can calculate for us. We will meet a few of them, but eventually, we will unite them in an ALU. We will learn to speak with our ALU in its unique language. Then we will pair off our ALU with registers, a control unit, and RAM. This fellowship of computer parts can work off our programs. Because this fellowship of computer parts is ingenious, it is called "CPU". Sadly, it can only speak in 0's and 1's, so we have to learn its language to write our programs. I've hidden some easter eggs, so pause the video sometimes, if you have nothing better to do with your life. Be the first one to find one of my three favorite music artists I hid in the video. The first person who writes a comment on them gets a heart. Programs I used: Audacity - audio editing DaVinci Resolve - video editing Inkscape - Vector graphics All sound effects are creative commons 0 from Vector graphics, animation, and voice-over are all done by myself.


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