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Title:Hidden Weapons That Could Save Your Life!

For Weapons Wednesday this week, I decided to take a look at some of the various hidden and concealed weapons we sell at ✅ Get your weapons at! ➡️ As always, these videos are intended for informational purposes only and you should always check your local laws before purchasing any weapons because restrictions do vary by State, City, Country and Municipality. 💬 Which of these weapons do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below. ✨ And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! ******************** 📆 Weapons Wednesday Series Each week, we choose and review various knives, axes, swords, and self-defense weapons to demonstrate their worth and let you decide the winner. We comb through the world of weapons to bring ones we think you'll love, plus our favorites, and show them off each week. Our goal is to give a fair and honest review of each weapon, putting it through a literal battery of tests to see how it performs. 📌 Here are the hidden weapons I review in the video: 1) Businessman Pen Knife: 2) Stealth Cat Ring: 3) Hidden Throwing Spikes Kubotan: 4) Tactical Comb Knife: 5) Hidden Brush Spike: 6) Camo Hidden Credit Card Knife: 7) Red Hidden Lipstick Knife: 8) Hidden Belt Knife: 9) Hidden Key Knife: 10) Dog Tag Hidden Necklace Knife: 11) Concealed Umbrella Sword: 12) Travelers Sword Cane: 13) Hidden Sword Cane: ******************** 🥋 Welcome to the official YouTube channel of KarateMart 🥋 Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about martial arts. We’re passionate about making videos that educate our viewers about the ins and outs of different weapons and martial arts techniques. ➡️ You’ll find this in the range of content we produce, whether it’s weapons reviews of items that we have on the website, or videos that show martial arts techniques and tips on how the weapons are used. Our mission is to educate people about martial arts and open their eyes to the joys that it can bring. If you have a question about martial arts, we’re hoping you can find the answer here. 🎬 If you like the videos you see on this channel then make sure that you subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell so that you’re notified as soon as we release new videos. 🔔 ******************** 📲 Let’s Connect! Follow KarateMart on social media Instagram ➡️ Facebook ➡️ Twitter ➡️ Pinterest ➡️ TikTok ➡️ ☑️ Visit our website: ******************** ⏰ Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:18 Pen Knife 1:10 Stealth Cat Ring 2:20 Hidden Throwing Spikes Kubotan 3:40 Comb Knife 4:12 Brush Spike 5:00 Credit Card Knife 6:11 Lipstick Knife 7:00 Belt Knife 8:50 Key Knife 10:00 Dog Tag Knife 11:20 Umbrella Sword 13:30 Walking Stick Sword Cane 14:50 Sword Cane ******************** #WeaponsWednesday #KarateMart #hiddenweapon #concealedweapon


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