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Title:HOW I GOT SHREDDED (no, i'm NOT a Fitness Influencer)

this is exactly how i was able to get SHREDDED, get to 10% BODY FAT and currently MAINTAIN this physique. this is my FULL JOURNEY over the last year of my fitness transformation and how it has impacted my life. i'm definitely NOT a fitness influencer, but this has been something that has truly allowed me to grow in so many different ways, become more creative and conquer my anxiety. i appreciate all the support over the years! here's to waking up tomorrow and embracing the growth and journey that is this beautiful life. #Shredded #Motivation #Inspiration ❗️PLEASE NOTE: moderation and balance is KEY with all of this and PLEASE allow yourself to sleep well, have rest days and ENJOY life! remember to start SLOW and EASY and go at a pace that you can stick with for the long term, while focusing on CONSISTENCY. and PLEASE, if you need to, talk to your doctor about a change in diet or exercise. also, the ONLY supplements i take are pre-workout and creatine. love you all and thank you again for watching! ⚠️ if you've struggled with any kind of eating disorder or are currently struggling with an eating disorder, this video may not be for you and could be triggering. please consider watching a different video and i'm wishing you all the best. get help here: my wifey, @Alexis Therese Castillo, is incredible and i would NOT be where i am today without her love, support and creative input. give her a sub on here on YouTube and a follow over on insta: ALL MUSIC WRITTEN, PRODUCED, MIXED & MASTERED BY ME! MOODS SONGS USED IN THIS VID: 'DARK KNIGHT' - 'TECHNICOLOR DREAM - get access to THE BEST MUSIC FOR YOUR VIDEOS: just $6 a month gives you unlimited track usage and access to an ever-growing library of music, all 100% originally written with filmmakers, videographers, YouTubers & content creators in mind. start a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL with us TODAY! LEARN MORE HERE: FOLLOW THE OTHER SOCIAL CHANNELS: my instagram: @bryanadamc moods sound design instagram: @moodssounddesign ali & i's TikTok: BUSINESS INQUIRIES & COLLABORATIONS: GET MY LIGHTROOM PRESETS FOR DESKTOP & MOBILE HERE: BUY MY CINEMATIC MODE PRESETS HERE NOW: Yosemite Series - Light & Shadows Series - Buy BOTH & SAVE! - 0:00 - my fitness journey [CINEMATIC] 2:39 - intro & disclaimer 4:28 - the ONLY WAY to LOSE WEIGHT 5:07 - how to track OUT calories 7:10 - how to track IN calories 9:01 - what is the best CALORIE DEFICIT RANGE per day? 10:56 - what about tracking MACROS? 12:01 - the EASIEST way to maintain a CALORIE DEFICIT 12:30 - what about WORKING OUT?! 13:53 - my ADVICE on CONSISTENCY 15:17 - what i've LEARNED through all of this 17:17 - last, but NOT least LINKS TO ALL MY GEAR: cameras: Canon R5 - Canon 5D Mark IV - Canon 1DX Mark II - gimbal: DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal - DJI Ronin-S - lenses: Canon RF 50mm 1.2 - Canon RF 85mm 1.2 - Canon 24mm 1.4L Mark II - Canon 35mm 1.4L Mark II - Canon 85mm 1.4L - Canon 16-35mm 2.8L Mark III - lighting: Aputure 120D Mark II - Aputure Light Dome II - NANLITE PavoTube 15C 2' - drone: DJI Mavic Pro 2 - iphone tripod: mic for audio: Sennheiser MKE 600 - Diety S-Mic 2 Shotgun Microphone - Mic Stand - audio interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Mark II - mic preamp: Universal Audio Solo/610 Mic Pre - reference monitors and sub: Yamaha HS8 - Yamaha HS8 Subwoofer - room acoustic treatment: Primacoustic Brodaway London 16 Room Kit - music production software: Logic Pro X:


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