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Title:Day in the Life of a Japanese Working Mom

A day in the life of a Japanese working mother of 2 children living in Tokyo Japan. This is the life of a Typical Japanese family living in Tokyo Japan with both parents working. Hifumi, 27 years old, works in Tokyo and runs her own churro shop while taking care of her 2 Japanese kids. The 2 Tokyo kids usually go to the nursery around 8:30 on weekdays so mornings are usually chaotic on top of her regular work schedule which starts shortly after she drops them off and continues until the afternoon, then she has to juggle the 2 kids schedules picking them up at separate times usually between 3-4 to also shuttle them separately to one of their many extracurricular activities and to finally bring them home just in time for dinner, but since today is a weekend there’s a slower pace to things, nonetheless Hifumi still has to balance some of her work today, while also taking care of her kids. She actually took several years off of work after giving birth, as she struggled mentally to take care of them on her own, while her husband worked to support the family financially. In Japan, it’s common enough for women to completely handle the child rearing responsibilities, that the term, one ope was coined, meaning one parent operation. But ultimately she decided being a Japanese housewife wasn’t for her and eagerly took a production job and eventually started her own business. Being a working mom in Japan isn’t easy, but she definitely prefers being a business owner compared to working at job for some else like when she worked in production. Now, she’s able to better manage and dictate her schedule so she can be flexible for her kids activities. Today, we'll see how this working Japanese mother manages her time between work, home and kids. Hifumi's IG - @hi_tsuno Palm Tree (Churros shop) IG - @palm_tree2021 Palm Tree Yoga - Palm Tree Kichijoji - Watch more of my Japan Day in the Life videos: - Get my Tokyo & Japan Merch and show your support! - ___ Tokyo Zebra: My 2nd YouTube Channel ___ See My Life in Japan behind the scenes - Questions about Japan or Japan Travel? Get answers and chat with my Discord Community - ___ Channel Support ___ Want to help SUPPORT my channel, buy me a BEER or Maiko and I DINNER? Thank you in advance! - PayPal: - Venmo: PaolofromTokyo ( - Patreon: - Bitcoin: 1AUZW1Emio4qtRiBir3EUDey1zi3ssoRsw Join YouTube Channel Memberships - - Merch Store: ___ Help with Subtitles / Closed Captioning ___ - ___ Business ___ Want me to feature your business in my video? Want to send me stuff? For ADDRESS - ___ For more info about me ___ I'm from TOKYO JAPAN, I've been living here for a long time. I'll be your Tokyo Travel Guide, taking you to the spots I love as well as showing you what to do all around Japan and maybe sometimes overseas. I'm also into Tech so you'll see a few videos about my drone and other cool toys I discover. In short, the channel is all about what I Love, Japan, Food, Travel, Tech and most likely coming FROM-TOKYO, my home. - Website - Instagram: @paolofromtokyo - @tokyo.zebra - - Facebook: - Twitter: ___ My Film Gear ___ (Affiliate Links Used - I may receive commission from products purchased) - Main Camera (USA Link) (International) - Main Wide Lens (USA Link) (International) - Powered Mic (USA Link) (International) - Mic (USA Link) (International) - Portable TriPod (USA Link) (International) - Gimbal (USA Link) (International) - Drone (Original) (USA Link) (International) - For a complete list of my gear: Access to Music in video:


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