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Title:Dr. Gad Saad on How Parasitic Ideas are Entering and Ruining Your Mind | Conversations with Tom

This episode is brought to you by Impact Theory University. Want to upgrade your mindset and build your ideal life? Click here to check out my FREE Mindset 101 class: A single idea can be a parasite to the mind. It can enter our thoughts without us even knowing, bury itself deep within our psyche, and transform our entire reality and outlook on the world. Do you have the mental strength, prowess, and awareness needed to identify when this may be happening? On this episode of Conversations with Tom, professor and author of ‘The Parasitic Mind,’ Dr. Gad Saad, joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such important matters and more as they explore how ideas can act as parasites to the mind and what you should be mindful of in this age of identity politics. They discuss the dangers of post-modernism, the changing culture in the western world, the void of common sense, nature versus nurture, why people latch onto ideas that separate them from true reality, how America is closer to a civil war than one might think, and how identity politics is a slippery slope that leads to dangerous consequences. Purchase Gad’s book, “The Parasitic Mind”: SHOW NOTES: Nature vs Nurture | Gad discusses the moving forces that define who we are. [0:15] Hierarchy of Needs | Gad discusses the universal drivers all humans share. [3:58] Idea Pathogens | Gad reveals the dangers of idea pathogens to humans. [13:04] Reality | Gad discusses why people latch onto ideas that separate them from reality. [17:30] Prestige | Gad discusses the difference prestige has for a man and a woman. [24:28] Biological | Gad discusses why humans are ego-defensive and escape reality. [27:06] Self-Delusion | Gad discusses how self-delusion has healthy-practical benefits. [33:23] Self-Deception | Gad discusses why we’re so good at bullshitting ourselves. [40:09] Value System | Gad reveals how the daily pursuit of our ideals brings purpose. [42:56] Costly Signaling | Gad discusses why sexual signals must ultimately be costly. [48:57] Threats | Gad shares a story of receiving death threats and dealing with anxiety. [01:01:03] Rituals | Gad shares his story of living through Lebanon’s violence and civil war. [01:04:52] Civil War | Gad discusses the inevitable civil war in the western world. [01:08:12] Gender Pronouns | Gad shares his story as a challenger of gender-pronoun policing. [01:17:57] The Left | Gad reveals the reality of why it appears he only criticizes the political left. [01:24:06] Ethics | Gad shares differences between deontological and consequentialist ethics. [01:35:57] Humility | Gad and Tom discuss humility and the mindset needed to see one’s self. [01:40:08] Guided | Gad discusses humans need for a packaged guide to living. [01:44:58] Self-Help | Tom shares his journey to identifying ‘self-help’ as his purpose. [01:46:25] QUOTES: “And so, by studying certain behaviors, phenomena, or morphological features in other species, it can say something about us.” [15:18] “In the pursuit of noble causes, you can’t murder truth.” [32:34] “Identity politics is a cancer to human-dignity. It is grotesque.” [01:13:03] “I’m always playing. I’m playing in the landscape of cerebral pursuit. What can be more beautiful?” [01:49:56] FOLLOW GAD: Website: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook:


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