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Title:Uninterrupted Wedding Scene

Ann(e)'s wedding uninterrupted πŸŽ©πŸ‘’πŸ’• No pig sounds, etc either. Enjoy!😘 ~ From the original script: Inside the carriage we find AL and AW both dressed elegantly. AL is putting a gold wedding ring on AW's finger. It goes next to the onyx cabochon and diamond rose ring that AL bought in ep 6 as an engagement ring, which is already on AW's finger. AL kisses the ring on AW's finger. AW has a little box and opens it. It contains a gold wedding ring that she puts on AL's finger. She kisses it. They’d love to kiss each other on the lips, but they can’t, it’s too public. β€’ AL steps out. AL offers her hand to AW to assist her out of the carriage. β€’ The VICAR is preaching the sermon. AW listens thoughtfully. AL's bored shitless; she’s way ahead of this bloke in her thinking, she could give a much more riveting sermon, and she’s just itching to get onto the Sacrament. β€’ They both close their eyes for a moment of silent prayer, and then leave the altar rail together, not daring to look at one another, but we feel the electricity of the moment; this for AL was the moment they got married. β€’ As they return to their seats, they glance at one another - the most they dare do. Their arms - perhaps their hands - brush against one another as they walk back down the aisle together. But that’s the most touching they can do. β€’ In their pew, they both kneel for another moment of silent. Then they dare to look at one another, and share a look. They barely dare smile, anxious not to draw attention to themselves, but we can see the delight and love in their eyes. β€’ AL and AW step out. We go with them. They glance at one another again, and really they don’t want to take their eyes off one another - but they have to be so cautious in public - but the delight in their eyes is clear: did we just do that? β€’ They walk away from us. We can hear them starting off on their first little domestic as a married couple. β€’ AL: (distracted by something else) Sorry, were you still talking? β€’ And so we leave them to it.


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