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Title:Lucky Daye - That's You (Official Video)

Listen to "That's You" here: Lyrics: V1: MONEY, DIAMONDS, HOUSE IN DIFFERENT CITIES I’M LIVIN’ MY WILDEST DREAMS CROOKED SMILE I’M IN WITH ALL THE POWER CAN DO WHAT I WANT BUT I’M EMPTY BADDIES GOT EM MODEL MOVIE OPTIONS TO MAKIN A MOVIE SCENE YOU KNOW ALL THE GAME BUT WHAT’S IT REALLY MEAN PRE-HOOK: LORD KNOWS I TRY TO GIVE UP TRIED WHAT I THOUGHT COULD BE LOVE TRIED TAKIN CHANCES AND CHANCE BROUGHT ME DOWN TO MY KNEES HOOK: GIRL I BEEN SO DUMB DON’T WANNA BE A FOOL OUT OF LOVE ALL ALONE GIRL I BEEN SO WRONG BUYIN UP THE WORLD JUST TO MAKE IT FEEL LIKE HOME I BEEN NUMB SPENDIN’ EVERY DIME TO GET EVERYTHING I WANT THERE’S ONLY ONE THING MISSING IN LIFE THAT’S YOU V2: COCOA BUTTER BACCARAT ON COVERS I SMELL IT ON MY SHEETS I HEARD YOU SAY THAT YOU MIGHT LOVE ANOTHER IT FILLED UP MY WORLD WITH ENVY AND I CAN’T STOP REMINISCING WHEN WE RELIVIN THE MOMENT WHEN YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME BUT THIS FAME AND FORTUNE CAN’T AFFORD ME WHAT I NEED PRE HOOK: LORD KNOWS I TRY TO GIVE UP TRIED WHAT I THOUGHT COULD BE LOVE TRIED TAKIN CHANCES BUT CHANCE BROUGHT ME DOWN TO MY KNEES HOOK HOOK VAMP OUT: THAT’S YOU THAT’S YOU YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE CAN’T HELP MYSELF YOU KNOW IT’S YOU OH GIRL IT’S YOU GIRL IT’S YOU GIRL IT’S YOU OH YOU KNOW IT YOU KNOW IT YOU KNOW IT YOU KNOW IT’S YOU IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU FOREVER AND EVER IT’S YOU OH THAT’S YOU…. Credits: Written By: Lucky Daye & Nick Walker Choreographer: Iman Marshall Lover: Ahleah Paul Girlfriend: Jasmine Johnson Girlfriend: Janese Brooks Girlfriend: Elaine Guidry EVP - Creative Content: Camille Yorrick Visual Content Production, Manager: Karina Lopez Coordinator, SME: Pritul Bhutan Management - Keep Cool: Sam Waters Management - Keep Cool: Josh Bloom Assistant: Tia Wardrobe Stylist: Isiah Ahmad Executive Producer: Alex Brinkman Director: Nick Walker Producer: Paul Young Lee Production Manager: Cassandra Rumping 1st AD: Ava Admunsen Production Assistant - Truck: Val Dagrain Production Assistant - Set: Ben Burns Production Assistant - Set: Langston Travis Production Assistant - Set: Bonnie Cook Production Assistant - Client: Joye Pate Director of Photography: Daniel Vignal 1st AC: Lisa Lengyel 2nd AC: Jonathan Robinson Gaffer: Jimi Covert BBE: Tim Jones Key Grip: Jared Wilcox BBG: Thad Mitchell Swing: Brad Floyd Production Designer: Sam Hensen Set Dresser: Tony Zigler Makeup: Sabrina Blunt Hairstylist: Monique Young Animal Wrangler: Morgan Serigne Location Scout: John Collins SFX Coordinator: Dave Nami SFX Assist: Vladimir Esipenko Boat Driver: Karmen Flurry Location Manager: Albert Quaid Medic: Katrina Bergens Follow Lucky Daye: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: YouTube: #LuckyDaye #ThatsYou #RnB


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