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Title:THX Tex EX In Separate Channels (Spelling Error Version)

Here is the spelling error version of the THX Tex EX trailer in separate channels. This was already explained in the comments of the “fixed” version that was uploaded to @hanleiaoldestson7550 with my permission, but for those of you who don’t remember, let me explain. In the fixed version of this video, the trailer name part of the text seems to be "clipping" to the top of the line, which was on accident. After my friend uploaded it, I went back into Filmmaker Pro and realized that I entered down one line between the words audio format and what the format was. In other words, after I fixed the spelling error in both this and the original one, I then exported them again, only without realizing that I entered down twice with the audio format and the name of it by mistake. If none of that makes sense, then I don’t know what does. That being said, even if it’s just one little flaw, I still hope you all enjoy it! Credit goes to @B-RY-89 for the THX ChalkType font. Playlist containing every THX trailer in separate channels video I made that were uploaded to Han & Leia oldest son with permission THX, the THX logo, Tex the robot and the Deep Note are trademarks of THX Ltd. This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. This video may not be copied, stolen, re-uploaded or otherwise distributed without permission.


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