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Title:Top 8 Places to Eat in Haridwar | Cost per person, Timings and Complete Information

Hello Guys, This is our new trip to Haridwar. On this trip we have covered a lot of tourist attractions, eating places and many more things. In this series, we will show you a complete journey of Haridwar. In this video, we have shown you the top places to eat in Haridwar. We have also given you other information like- timings, prices, locations, etc. So watch this video till the end. FOR BEHIND THE SCENES – **FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM** GOOGLE MAP LOCATION VIDEO GUIDE: HOW TO BOOK YOURSELF (Haridwar) 00:00 – Introduction 00:42 – Choti Wala Restaurant 02:05 – Mohan Ji Puri Wale 03:28 – Pandit Ji Puri Wale 04:41 – Hoshiyarpuri 06:09 – Ganga Lahari Restaurant 07:32 – Big Ben Restaurant 08:23 – Dosa Plaza Punjabi Tadka 09:46 – Curry Leaf Restaurant 11:00 – Comment Contest 11:32 – Instagram ☮☮SPIRITUAL TRIPS☮☮ ↠51 SHAKTI PEETH: ↠RAM YATRA: ↠9 DEVI: ↠12 JYOTILING: ↠TEMPLES AROUND THE WORLD: ☮☮INTERNATIONAL TRIPS ☮☮ ↠HONGKONG: ↠THAILAND: ↠MALAYSIA: ↠USA: ↠QATAR: ↠DUBAI: ☮☮DOMESTIC TRIPS (INDIA) ☮☮ ↠TRIPURA: ↠MEGHALAYA: ↠UP: ↠UTTARAKHAND: ↠GOA2021: ↠CALCUTTA: ↠ODISHA: ↠DELHI: ↠GUJRAT: ↠GOA2018: ☾☼☮ OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME ☮☼☽ ↠ Instagram - ↠ Twitter - ↠ Facebook - ↠ Website - ◅ ▻ CONTACT ◅ ▻ ↠ Business & Hosting Enquiries: ↠ Phone: +91-9355220222 #topeat #haridwar #uttarakhand #gangaaarti #rishikesh #harkipauri #vlog #exploringharidwar #chotiwale #foodplaces #haridwartrip #travelvlog #place #exploring #foodtour #restaurant #vlogger #explore #topplaces #travelinfo #placestovisit #facts #thingstodo #touristplaces #completeguide #mountains #anujbucket #anujbansal #travelguide #placestoexplore Keywords Haridwar places to eat, best places to eat in haridwar, haridwar food tour, haridwar food, street food india, haridwar street food, Choti wala haridwar, jain chaat haridwar, haridwar food tour, food walk, veg food, indian food, hidden gems, ganga arti, Bhagwati Chole, Bholnalya, Malai Milk, malai doodh, arti, ganga, haridwar arti, Things to do in haridwar, haridwar har ki pauri, haridwar, Haridwar Tourist places, Haridwar Tourist attractions, Uttarakhand, Haridwar yatra, Haridwar darshan, anuj, anuj bansal, anuj bucket,


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