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Title:33 Disney Characters That Were Supposed To Look Completely Different

Disney animated movies have brought audiences some of the most iconic characters in the world. Pretty much everyone has a favorite Disney princess or Disney villain that helps to shape a beloved classic movie. From the bad guys to the sidekicks, what makes Disney classics actual classics is about all the characters that make up the stories. Still, we rarely think about how much the characters’ designs actually affect who they are, how we feel about them, and the stories they tell. Similarly, it’s difficult to imagine how minor changes to the designs could alter the characters entirely. As is true with many different aspects of making movies, the character designs rarely end up exactly as they first started out. From tiny details to big, overarching design choices, the original appearances of our favorite characters are rarely the same as the ones we’ve come to know and love. And, imagining these iconic films with different versions of their main characters changes the way the movies would’ve been entirely. From a young, glamorous version of Cruella De Vil to an entirely different cast of characters in Aladdin, seeing the original designs for Disney characters shows us just how unrecognizable early versions of our favorite protagonists and antagonists really are. Seriously – we couldn’t even recognize Sebastian… So, if you want to see the alternate universe versions of everyone from Toy Story’s Woody to Moana, herself, get ready for a wild trip through character design history. We assure you – you’ll never be able to look at Maleficent the same way again… Subscribe: Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:14 Let’s talk about Bruno 00:37 Sisu 00:58 Sadness 01:22 Ian Lightfoot 01:37 Laurel Lightfoot 02:11 Luca 02:29 Mei Lee 02:50 Elsa 03:44 Jerry 04:01 Moana 04:42 Ariel 04:59 Ursula 05:28 Mulan 05:56 Tinker Bell 06:24 Cruella De Vil 06:46 Maleficent 07:16 Scar 08:01 Sebastian 08:24 Mushu 08:44 King Triton 09:12 Aladdin 09:39 Jasmine 10:00 Sully and Boo 10:21 Woody 10:44 The Genie 11:15 The Beast 12:00 Hades 12:25 Aurora 12:47 The Aristocats 13:08 Alice in Wonderland 13:27 Jane Porter 13:51 Snow White 14:24 Dumbo 14:46 Outro Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: For more videos and articles visit: Written by: Lauren Waters Narrated by: Curt Turner Edited by: Gabrielle Alves For copyright matters please contact us at:


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