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Title:Pink Panther The Builder | 35-Minute Compilation | Pink Panther Show

1. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink" -The Pink Panther builds a small house for himself on top of a mountain. He doesn't realize that that he has built his house in line with an observatory. 2. "Prefabricated Pink" - The Pink Panther, sauntering casually along, sees a "Construction Workers Wanted" sign on the fence of a building under construction and hops over the fence unannounced and goes to work. 3. "Yankee Doodle Pink" - The British are coming, but someone must ride through the countryside to wake the sleeping colonists. The Pink Panther takes on the important task. 4. "Psst Pink" - The Pink Panther finds himself with a bad tire, and unwilling to pay the price of a new one, he drives a short distance and gets a flat. Unfortunately, he stopped on a steep incline. 5. "Pink Streaker" - The Pink Panther is enjoying a holiday at a skiing resort, but inadvertently keeps causing a skiing novice a lot of trouble. 6. "It's Pink, But Is It Mink?" - Once again, the Pink Panther appears to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The place is the jungle with "Tarzan" in the clutches of a very domineering and strong willed "Jane." The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in 1964. Subscribe for more Official Pink Panther content from MGM: New videos will be uploaded every Friday and Saturday! Own The Series: (Amazon) (iTunes) Like: Follow:


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