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Title:Arabic or Chinese, which is the hardest language in the world?

In this video, I'll be comparing these two languages across five key aspects: 00:00 Intro 01:50 Pronunciation 04:03 Speaking 06:19 Writing 07:56 Reading 09:21 Grammar Every language presents different levels of difficulty and challenges. Mandarin Chinese is generally considered more challenging in terms of writing and reading due to the complexity of the Hanzi system, while Arabic is known for its intricate grammar. However, Mandarin is often more accessible when it comes to speaking because of its widespread use in professional and daily contexts, compared to Modern Standard Arabic. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier in the video, the difficulty of learning a language depends on various factors, such as one's mother tongue, learning abilities, motivation, and consistency. I hope this video has provided some insights into these two languages. Here are my videos in Arabic: ⭐️Lebanese and Chinese girl speaking in each other's native language ⭐️【Arabic video】How to learn Arabic? Conversation in Levantine Arabic 🇯🇴【Travel vlog】Speaking Arabic in Jordan السفر في الاردن 🇸🇾【Arabic video】Learning the different Syrian dialects 🇸🇾【Arabic video】How I learn Arabic while cooking 🇸🇾【Arabic video】Arabic-Chinese exchange with my Syrian friend Here are my videos about Chinese learning: ⭐️How to learn Mandarin Chinese on your own?(sharing methods, tools and resources for self-study) More videos about language learning methods: ⭐️How to START learning a new language on your own?Step-by-step tips! ⭐️How to memorise vocabulary and never forget it? ⭐️5 Golden Habits for Language Learning ⭐️How to make a good study plan to learn a language effectively? ⭐️How to improve your speaking skills by yourself? The shadow boxing technique! Follow me on Instagram:


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