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Title:史上首次!伊朗對以色列本土發動火力襲擊 吳子嘉:夠膽討到面子!坐穩老大地位!【關鍵時刻】吳子嘉

Is Iran’s internal propaganda successful? ! Israel intercepted 99% of Iran's missiles in one night, and its military expenditure reached 40 billion, while Iran only had 1/10... For the first time in history! Iran launches fire attack on Israeli mainland Wu: Courageous enough to gain face! Secure your position as the boss! The by-election for the mayor of Mailiao Township was disgraced! Ke Wenzhe: "It's worse to help than not to help"? Wu: Running to disrupt the situation is not enough! ? It harms others but does not benefit oneself! The Dream of Placing Flags in Mailiao is Broken Wu: Ke is a "bad-tailed Taoist" recognized by the election committee. Don't be friends with him! ? Yu Jinbao provided the venue to the "Zhu Ke Club"... and was shocked to find that the price was US$200 million! ? Wu: You didn’t hear clearly and you betrayed me! Mailiao was defeated miserably in the all-party auxiliary election. Ke shouted, "Local organizations are very important"? Wu: The country bumpkin thought he was so popular that someone would watch him wash his hair! Ke Mailiao's assistant selection "Chen Peiqi follows closely" Wu: He can be seen wherever there is "money"! I want to get in touch with the Formosa Plastics Wang family! He elected Mailiao to get a piece of the pie but failed. Wu: "The combination of defeated generals" Ke's political life is over and needs to be dealt with by the DPP! Deep down in his heart, Ke only wants to "make money"? Wu: I understand that deep down in his soul, he "exposes the truth" and wants to teach Terry Gou about politics! Is the Yunlin by-election a "personal show" for Formosa Plastics from Ke Wenzhe? Wu: The reason why he "encounters" with everyone is because of... "money"!


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