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Title:Image Transfer and Custom Paint on a Motorcycle Chopper Tank, water slide decal

You can get all the paint and materials that I use on Amazon 👇 LiME LiNE paint supplies 👇 Hey, whats up guys. In this video I will be custom painting a chopper tank with a few different methods. I use a torch to create a fire technique that i later apply a brandywine candy paint over the top then clearcoat to lock it down. Remember if you clearcoat you will need to sand and or scuff with 600 grit in order for the next layers of paint to stick. I also applied a (Clear) waterslide transfer paper and I ran through my ink jet printer to print the design. The white basecoat locks down the ink so its protected once submerged in water to release the backing from the water slide paper. Once applied to the part the ink is trapped between the white basecoat and the waterslide. Be sure all of the water and air bubbles are removed before moving onto clearcoat. When clearing a waterslide decal its important to remember to apply 3-4 really light coats to prevent the edges from floating. I applied silver leaf with sprayable sizing glue from LiME LiNE. The glue dries fast with only 2-5 min dry time before you can start leafing. I you plan on Spinning (engine turning) your leaf like I did here in this video be sure the leaf you are using spins. I have came across allot of other brands that just dont spin the same and have problems with burn throughs. I pinstriped the leaf edges with tape and an airbrush that way the paint lays thin and I know that the clearcoat will not have a reaction because Im using the same basecoat paints all the way through. Clearing over some pinstriping paint can cause separation or other problems if not careful. Let me know if you have any Questions in the comments. Thanks for Watching Join this channel to get access to perks: Join this channel to get access to perks:


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