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Title:Don't Swim THIS Fast! It is Dangerous!

It is likely that you will hurt your shoulder swimming fast if you don't know the two golden rules of freestyle swimming. Moving your arms fast doesn't mean you are swimming fast. If we look underwater in slow motion we can see that the swimmer who is moving his arms fast is not pulling well. In fact, our shoulders hurt immediately from swimming badly. The swimmer who pulls well follows the two golden rules of freestyle. This makes him use bigger muscles, swim faster and protect his shoulders from injury. The first rule is: 1- Scapular upward rotation while the shoulder internally rotates. I'll explain. We’ve explained this in past videos, but here's another explanation along with exercises to create muscle memory. To swim correctly we want to reach this position. Commonly called high elbow catch. Seen from the side, the elbow is above the line that connects the shoulder to the hand. The second golden rule is: 2- Sufficient rotation of the chest. 00:00 - Don’t swim too fast! 01:10 - How to swim with high elbow 01:18 - 5 problems 01:37 - Exercise 1 - Y on the wall 02:19 - Exercise 2 - Stretch band 03:20 - Exercise 3 - Stretch band 2 03:31 - Exercise 4 - External Rotation 03:47 - Exercise 5 - Sculling 04:02 - Exercise 6 - One arm 04:42 - How to swim faster Our dry-land channel: Swimming camps: If you like swimming, you will like our webpage: Our favorite Amazon products: Instragram: Facebook: Thanks for watching! Swim fast!


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