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Title:HDR Photography Beginners Guide - How to Create Realistic HDR Photos

In this beginner's guide to HDR photography tutorial, I explain what HDR is, why you should use it, how to capture the HDR photo series, and how to process it to achieve realistic and natural results. The HDR software Aurora isn't available anymore however, the HDR engine used in Aurora is now used to drive Luminar Neo's HDR Merge tool. Same natural look, just easier to use. It's part of the extension pack you can find here: (ATNEO gives a discount on the subscription) All the concepts of the video of how to create HDR images are still relevant. Essentially HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is the act of photographing a high contrast scene with a range of exposures and then combining those photographs into one image that contains the full range of brightness values. When done well, this results in a photo that better resembles what we saw with our own eyes when we captured the shot. HDR has justifiably had a bad rap due to some photographer's heavy-handed approach. But in this video, I show how a beginner HDR photographer can quickly achieve realistic effects with ease. ------------------------------------------------------ HDR software: Links for Video Making: My favourite music library, Sonata: Tourbox for amazing efficiency: (discount code: TB20210408XXL08) 🎤 Rode NT-USB: 📷 Nikon D850: 📷 Lens: 🖥️ Monitor: 🚥 Coloured Lights: 🚥 Hub to control the lights: 💡 Salt Lamp: My Camera Equipment: 📷 Camera: 📷 My Wide Angle Lens: (used for 90% of my architectural work) 📷 Nifty fifty: 📷 Mid-range zoom: 📷 Telephoto Lens: 📷 Tripod Head for architecture: These are affiliate links to the equipment I use - they are not sponsored by the manufacturer in any way. If you use these links it costs you no more than normal, but the small commission I get helps me to keep providing free content for you guys. Thanks for supporting the channel. I really appreciate it. ​​🙏​ YOU CAN FOLLOW ME AND MY WORK HERE: Architecture: Website: My Landscape Prints: Landscapes: General Instagram: Website: Business Website:


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