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Title:The entire FNAF lore in a nutshell animation [Complete]

Alright after 3 month of working, hope you guys enjoy the full entire history of five night I think. Thanks to Game Theory and fandom wiki I assemble all the stories into chaotic way (dsaf of course) and I correct the timeline because there is something that is not logic for me and in the end I recreated myself after burntrap ending because I have the story with Dave that is nothing to do with FNAF. Yes this video would be "the greatest video" so far that i ever done and the aimation would be insane. Music: Title - Super Five night at Freddy's Ad music - Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator Wake me up - Dayshift at Freddy's Vassalation - Left 4 Dead 2 Lost in Thoughts All Alone - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Luigi is Rescued - Yoshi's Island Meta Knight's Revenge- Kirby Super Star Your Best Nightmare - Undertale Main menu Remaster - FNAF 2 Shy Guy's Toy Box - Paper Mario The Door - Deltarune Face off (Slowed + Reverb) By "Kipo キポ" Shores of Avalon · Kevin MacLeod Red Planet - Bucky O'Hare (NES) Aubergines accursed anthem daves - Dayshift at Freddy's I Can't Fix You By The Living Tombstone (FNAF Sister Location) 264 BPM Super Gore Nest Beta - DOOM ETERNAL Sleepless Dave theme - Dayshift at Freddy's Main Menu classic - FNAF 2 Boss Theme - Megaman Zero 3 Telekomunikacja Huje by Kury Helikopter by Fazlija Mascot Tune - FNAF It's The Nutshack Music Box - Dayshift at Freddy's Gintaman - Gintama Giant Wyrm - Kevin Macleod Victory Theme - Mario RPG BFG Division - Doom Run - Amnesia: The Dark Descent Halo theme Mute City - Super Smash Bros. Melee It's just a burning memory but much sadder/scarier Puzzles in the Caves - Donkey Kong 64 Main theme - Sumotori Dreams Alone Infection (Faust theme) - Guilty Gear Stive Can You Feel The Sunshine Music Box by "R3 Music Box" Pelo's Comedy Club by Ockeroid Main Theme - FNAF Security Breach Main Menu - Angry Bird Wheel Gator - Megaman X2 Star Wolf Theme - Star Fox Zero I'm a Monster (Garou theme) - One Punch Man Daft Green - One Piece Power Suit Restored - Metroid Zero Mission Sprite sheet: FNAF 1: FNAF 2: FNAF 3: FNAF 4: FNAF Sister location: FNAF Pizza simulator: FNAF Security breach: #fnaf #dsaf #fnafanimation #fnaflore #fivenightsatfreddys #fnafmeme #fnaftimeline


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