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Title:Psychology of Website Design: Neuromarketing and Lead Generation

Some web designs align with visitor psychology. Some don’t. After planning, designing and measuring the results from hundreds of websites, we’re sharing some of our best tips for building websites that work with brain science. Call it social psychology, behavioral economics, cognitive bias research or just neuromarketing, the idea is to design and write pages that engage the visitor and guide them toward taking an action, usually for lead generation. Here’s how this video breaks down: 🔹 Ever seen an eye-tracking study? We have one for you here. Watch how a visitor’s eyes move around a webpage. This will set the stage and give you an idea for how a visual hierarchy can guide the visitors attention. You’ll also see just how fast the eyes move around a page compared to the mouse. 🔹 Where and how should a webpage differentiate? Every business is different so every website should show that difference. But where? There are good and bad places to sound different. There are good and bad ways to look different. 🔹 Where and how can designers add evidence to webpages? Social proof is key to conversions, partly because it aligns so well with the psychology of visitors. Social proof triggers the conformity bias in the mind of your visitor. When they see that others trust you, they are more likely to trust you. 🔹 How can web designers add urgency to websites? We’ve added a few key examples to give you some ideas. 🔹 What is a visual hierarchy? This is the key. The job of the website is to use visual prominence to guide the visitors attention through a series of messages that align with the information needs of the visitor. That’s it. Add evidence and calls to action and you’re on your way to building a page that leverages psychology for better marketing. References and resources: Many of the recommendations in this video can be found here in this post about lead generation best practices: Google’s UX Playbook: The role of visual complexity in the perceived beauty of websites: How to test your homepage headline: And finally, our checklist for great B2B Service Pages:


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