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Title:I Bought A Gold Mine & It's Raining Gold! | Ep. 4 ⛏️

In today's video, Follow Ken on his latest trip to the Likely Gold Mine. In this episode, Ken is going to get wet and dirty. His most important business advice to anyone is "you cannot manage anything you don't understand". Ken decided he was going to take part in the entire cleaning process on this trip. Ken also gives some insight into the financial side of things, explaining how they raised the funds needed to kickstart their operations. He invites viewers to join him on this remarkable journey, promising big surprises and sharing the potential of their gold mine investment. It's not just a story about mining; it's about taking calculated risks, strategic planning, and the thrill of turning a vision into reality. Want Some Gold?👇 Ken is giving away 10 ounces of pure gold to 1 lucky viewer at the end of the season. The gold mining season ends in November. There will be 10-12 episodes in this season. All you have to do to get into the draw for the gold is: 1. Subscribe to our channel 2. Watch every video in this series 3. Comment on Every Video 4. Share this video on another social media Channel If you didn't watch the other episodes yet, go back here and watch it now: Episode #1: Episode #2: Episode#3: #gold #goldmine #kendunncdv #kendunn #thelikelygoldmind #likelygoldmine


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