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Title:MOST USEFUL Lead Guitar Techniques That Rock

These are some awesome techniques, and the most useful lead guitar techniques that ROCK!!! We can easily create an awesome sounding blues rock lead guitar solo. Here is a link for the awesome E minor pentatonic blues rock backing track that I used in the intro. This is an intermediate guitar lesson. I might be dipping into some advanced techniques, but with a little work you can do this. In this video, I use some Jimmy page and Angus young style blues rock lead guitar licks. All within the E minor pentatonic scale. Our guitar heroes have been using the pentatonic scale for decades. You can get a little peace of that with these powerful Pentatonic licks that have stood the test of time. we want to use the pentatonic scale like we mean it! No matter how old we are we can still rock! We don’t need to play a lot of notes to sound like a rockstar. These simple pentatonic phrases can really create an awesome and powerful, blues rock lead guitar solo.  Video Contents 0:00 Useful lead guitar techniques intro. 1:01 Learning the rhythm of the blues rock backing track. 1:43 E minor pentatonic open and 1st positions. Structure for the pentatonic blues rock licks. 2:07 Jimmy Page style blues rock lead guitar licks. 3:55 Angus Young style blues rock lead guitar licks. 5:44 Repeating pull-off lead guitar technique. 7:09 Mixing the Lead guitar techniques. To get the blues rock sound.


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