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Title:British vs American Accents | Improve Your Accent

Understand the differences between British and American accents with the help of Theresa May and Donald Trump. Speak clearly and confidently with my online course: 00:00​ - Intro 00:28 - The LOT Vowel 01:28 - The BATH Vowel 02:26 - The T 03:21 - The Yod 04:36 - The R 05:14 - New York features 06:36 - Conclusion *Disclaimers* 1. There is no such thing as "a British accent" and "an American accent". There are a variety of accents in both the UK and the USA. But we can make some generalisations between accents in the two countries and that's what I've tried to do in this video. These generalisations of course do not apply to all accents in the respective countries. 2. People living in a particular place will not always sound the same. Not everyone from a certain area will have the same accent feature (or the feature to the same degree) as those in the video. As well as geography, accents vary according to factors such as socioeconomic background, age and ethnicity (among others). 3. There are other general differences between accents in the UK and USA that I haven't talked about in the video. 4. Some topics have been simplified for a general audience. *Links* For more UK vs US accent differences, read my blog post: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Free pronunciation learning resources:


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