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Title:Workday vs. PeopleSoft - Top Features & Comparisons

Visit our website for a list of the top HR options on the market today: Hundreds of vendors are fighting for a piece of the human resources (HR) software market. Of the companies aspiring to rule your vast and complex HR technology, the most epic battle rages between Workday and PeopleSoft. Workday and PeopleSoft were both started by tech entrepreneur and multi-billionaire David Duffield. In 2022, they are still fighting for a larger piece of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market, and both companies are making strides with machine learning and AI to make their offering work better and faster. Both are strong choices with a loyal customer base, providing enterprises with solid, global, horizontal HR and ERP system solutions. And yet, they each contain unique features that differentiate them from one another. ➤ CHAPTERS 0:00 - Intro 0:45 - What is Workday? 1:25 - What is PeopleSoft? 2:09 - Feature Comparisons 4:37 - Which should YOU pick? 5:20 - Visit our website! Original article: Written by: Jenna Puckett Hosted by: Kyle Heildebrand Edited by: Kyle Heildebrand Footage courtesy of Workday and Oracle. ➤ FREE HR BUYER'S GUIDE: ➤ OUR WEBSITE: ➤ LINKEDIN: ➤ TWITTER: The business technology marketplace is diverse, and most buyers struggle to determine which options are best for them. At TechnologyAdvice, we don’t think this should be such a challenge. That’s why our team is dedicated to creating quality connections between buyers and sellers of business technology. #Workday #PeopleSoft #HR #SoftwareReview


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