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Title:Using the Spanish verb DECIR (say/tell): me dijiste, dime, dijo, te dije, me lo dijiste...

I will teach you the present, past, and future of the Spanish verb "decir" -- to tell or to say. You will also learn the use of indirect object pronouns with the verb "decir", and the way to use the verb "decir" in a polite command in Spanish. At 50:00, you will also hear a conversation where you will have the chance to practice your listening and comprehension skills in Spanish. You will learn to structure sentences in Spanish using the verb "decir", and to use this verb like Spanish speakers do. After watching this video, you will be able to convey in Spanish the following English sentences correctly and without hesitation: What did you say? What did you tell me/them/us?, You told me yesterday not to tell you, tell me, tell her, say it & more. If you feel like you are in the mood to learn about Spanish verb tenses and conjugations, watch the following playlist: Here are some notes for you: I. SAY or TELL: yo digo, tú dices, él, ella, usted dice, nosotros decimos, ustedes dicen, ellos dicen, ellas dicen SAID or TOLD: yo dije, tú dijiste, él, ella, usted dijo, nosotros dijimos, ustedes dijeron, ellos dijeron, ellas dijeron GOING TO SAY or GOING TO TELL: yo voy a decir, tú vas a decir, él-ella-usted va a decir, nosotros vamos a decir, ustedes-ellos-ellas van a decir II. tell me - dime tell me - formal, dígame tell him, her, you formal - dile tell him, her, you formal - dígale tell us - dinos tell us formal - díganos III. What did you say? ¿Qué dijiste? (KEH-dee-hees-teh) What did you say to me ¿Qué me dijiste? (KEH-meh-dee-hees-teh) What did he or she say to me? ¿Qué me dijo? (KEH-meh-dee-hoh) You did not tell me - No me dijiste You did not say it to me - No me lo dijiste He did not say anything - No dijo nada IV. Spanish Personal Pronouns with Indirect Object Pronouns: yo - me (MEH) tú - te (TEH) él, ella, usted - le (LEH) nosotros - nos (NOHS) ustedes, ellos, ellas - les (LEHS) If you like my videos and would like me to make more videos, you can donate to support my work at: Or through PayPal:


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