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Title:This Beaver Dam is So Huge, You Can See It from Space | Climate Heroes

↠ Check out our Climate Heroes series: In Canada, a beaver family has built a dam extending 850m – that’s more than twice as long as the Hoover Dam. It’s so big it can be seen from outer space. But that’s not the only reason NASA is interested in this architecturally minded species… Increasing diversity and resilience, not to mention creating wetlands, are just some of the impacts beavers can have on their surroundings. What does this mean for the wider environment? And how can we humans learn from it? To see more incredible wildlife, explore and subscribe to our channel now: 📽️ Chapters 00:00 Intro: Worlds largest beaver dam 00:52 How NASA became a beaver believer 01:27 Why Beavers were dropped off from airplanes (with parachutes) 🪂 02:20 How Beavers reshape the landscape 03:22 How Beavers are building dams 04:28 Size: worlds largest beaver dam 04:42 Why are beavers building dams? 05:15 Inside the beaver lodge 05:26 Cute Baby beavers 06:04 Illustration: Beaver Benefits 07:08 Beavers are climate heroes 07:33 Outro 🔗 Sources: "Researchers Become “Beaver Believers After Measuring the Impacts of Rewilding", NASA; "Fur for the Future", Idaho Fish & Game Department; "The Beaver emerges as a climate solving hero", Scientific American; "Beaver dams buffer rivers cimate extremes", Stanford University, "From pest to protector: How beavers are helping fight climate change", CBS News; Beaver Ecology & Relocation Center: Utah #beaver #beaverdam #nasa


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