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Title:Step One

Jesus not only loves us—He thirsts for us. Why does He say "I thirst"? What does it mean? It's something so hard to explain in words. I thirst is something much deeper than Jesus just saying, "I love you". Mother Teresa tells us how much love Jesus has for each of us—beyond all that we can imagine. In her words "Not only He loves you, even more, He longs for you. He misses you when you don't come close. He thirsts for you. He loves you always, even when you don't feel worthy" This fourth and last part of this series talks about Jesus's experience of us and our first step to begin to know who He wants to be for us, or who Jesus wants us to be for Him. The Poco a Poco podcast happens because of many generous donors, including recurring monthly donations of any amount. Thinking about helping out? You can give at Thank you! If you want to follow along with our upcoming advent series, you can get your copy of Emmanuel: An Advent Devotional (by Fr. Angelus Montgomery, CFR, and Sr. Karolyn Nunes, FSGM,) at You can also grab your Poco a Poco Merchandise at Contents of the Video | Episode 136 0:00 - Episode Highlight 1:09 - Speaker Intros, Shoutouts and Announcements 3:21 - Funny Small Talks, Short Stories and Updates 9:49 - Intro to This Episode's Topic 11:35 - Are We Willing To Take A Chance To Believe? 14:42 - Br. Kolbe's Story | Love For The Good Shepherd 18:21 - Interlude: A Little Bit of Small Talk 19:43 - More Stories In Relation To MCs 23:13 - Jesus Thirsts For Us 25:12 - How We Begin To Understand Who Mother Teresa Is 28:00 - Jesus Is Present In Our Brokenness or Sinfulness 31:28 - The Fruit of Mother Teresa' Vocation 35:32 - The Power Source of Mother Teresa's Life 37:56 - Another Glimpse on Who Mother Teresa Is 39:24 - A Little Bit More Stories and Small Talks 41:44 - Acknowledgements 42:21 - Closing Prayer 43:28 - Closing Remarks You can get your copy of Born of Fire (by Fr. Innocent Montgomery, CFR) at You can get your copy of Habits for Holiness (by Fr Mark-Mary Ames, CFR) at Subscribe to our channel: Subscribe to our newsletter: Follow us on Facebook & Instagram For business inquiries ONLY, contact us here: A Spirit Juice Studios Production #spiritjuice #pocoapoco #franciscanfriars


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