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Title:Breathe Like This to Swim Smooth

I tried swimming with two breathing techniques and the differences were huge. With one technique I felt heavy and desperate. With the other one I felt light and calm. Breathing correctly is THE main obstacle to unlocking a smooth swim. From the outside, swimming looks simple. A beginner looks at a swimmer and thinks, I can move my arms and legs like this. When the beginner gets into the water and tries to swim, he discovers two things. When trying to raise the legs, the breathing becomes more uncomfortable and the level of discomfort increases. Instead of finding a better way to breathe, the beginner focuses more on the legs and arms. This is a big mistake. Breathing is something we don't usually think about. We mistakenly believe that it is an automatic bodily function that should not be messed around with. 00:00 - Why is it hard to swim? 00:52 - De.Nise doesn't like swimming 01:37 - What happens when we breathe? 02:30 - A-Aron teaches De.Nise to calm down in the pool. 02:55 - First step - breathing for smooth swimming 05:03 - Second step - breathing for smooth swimming 06:26 - Third step - breathing for smooth swimming Our dry-land channel: Swimming camps: If you like swimming, you will like our webpage: Our favorite Amazon products: Instagram: Facebook: Thanks for watching! Swim fast!


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