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Title:Checklist to buy your own SUV | Money Psychology

In India, owning a car is still considered a luxury, with only 1 in 12 people having one. This makes buying a car a significant milestone for many. With over 65% of India’s population under the age of 30, it's no wonder that cars have become a popular topic. However, it's important to remember that much of our desire to own a car is fueled by smart marketing strategies. In this video, we'll explore two crucial aspects to consider when buying a car: The Social Side: How societal influences shape our car-buying decisions. The Financial Side: How to assess what you can afford, ensuring you choose a car that meets your needs rather than just your wants. Happy watching! Pre-purchase Money Checklist: Car Affordability Calculator: 1. Click this link: 2.Once the Google Sheet is open, click on 'File' and then 'Make a copy.' A new sheet named “Copy of Car Affordability Calculator” will open in a new tab. You will be using this to check the affordability status. 3. Fill in all the values in the calculator as explained in the video. The cells highlighted in “green” need to be filled in. Please note that this sheet is in an editable format. Any changes to the format or the formulas will alter the calculator's settings. 0:00 - Let’s begin 1:47 - Why are you buying a car? 2:27 - Buying a car because others are buying it? 4:20 - Why have SUVs become cheaper? 6:08 - Upsell effect 7:30 - Car affordability calculator 10:48 - Bloopers!


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