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Title:WHY I Traded The Honda Jet For A TBM

Train in a TBM contact Bret James Aviation. 919 480 1175 email: Become A Commercial Pilot in 9 months Greg had always been a fan of flying. When he became successful in business and could finally afford to buy his own aircraft, he bought a Cirrus. Then a Cirrus Jet, Then a Honda Jet At first, Greg was thrilled with his Honda Jet. It was sleek, fast, and had all the latest technology. But after a few years of ownership, he began to realize that the jet wasn't really fitting his needs. For one thing, it was expensive to maintain and operate. The Honda Jet required a lot of fuel and had high maintenance costs. And like any other jets, it required a strict currency and training for the pilot. the cost of ownership just became more cumbersome particularly in time. That's when Greg started looking into turboprop planes. He had always been intrigued by them, and after doing some research, he found that the TBM Turboprop was a great option. It was fast, efficient, and could literally travel at Jet speed for a fraction of the operating cost. So, Greg decided to make the trade. He sold his Honda Jet and purchased a TBM 930 turboprop. The plane was nimble, responsive, and a joy to fly. Greg loved being able to land on smaller runways and the TBM has reverse throttle which made braking in short fields effortless. In the end, Greg realized that the Honda Jet was just too much plane for his needs. The TBM Turboprop was the perfect choice for him, and he couldn't be happier with his decision to make the trade. Join My free mailing list Use the Coupon code OWN2023 to get 40% off my full YouTube course


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