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Title:Jane Remover Interview - The Backlight Podcast Ep. 34

this week i sat down with Jane Remover to talk headlining a tour for the first time, 2014 coming back in style, the best mario kart tracks and her sophomore album Census Designated. you can find jane @janeremover on all platforms, or follow her directly here: instagram ▶ twitter ▶ tiktok ▶ soundcloud ▶ spotify ▶ and you can follow BACKLIGHT here: and you can follow noah, the interviewer, here: intro sound/graphics supplied by our amazing graphic designer bryce, you can find his work here: special thanks to my wonderful friend jacklyn for being a production assistant on this, you can check her out here: and here are each of the artists jane mentioned in the interview! kali malone: babymint: the darkness: yuke: richgirl: fefe dobson: alabama 3: quannnic: timestamps for each question: 0:00 intro 0:12 favorite and least favorite parts of the USA? 1:51 how has living on your own been so far? 2:22 favorite mario kart tracks? 3:19 how did you craft the visual identity for Census Designated? 5:48 what was your subway order when you were 9? 6:39 horror inspirations? 7:45 a game of "is it census coded?" 8:19 is it census coded: laura palmer 8:29 is it census coded: badlands 8:50 is it census coded: boys for pele by tori amos 9:02 is it census coded: breakfast in america by supertramp 9:35 is it census coded: the haim sisters 9:48 is it census coded: the sandlot 10:06 is it census coded: malcolm in the middle 10:18 how did you know when Census Designated was finished? 11:45 thoughts on the various interpretations of Census Designated? 13:07 thoughts on your upcoming tour? 13:47 lessons you learned in your first few live performances? 14:18 how are you vocally preparing for the tour? 15:09 pros/cons of the core-ification of music genres? 16:31 how has being reviewed by publications affected your view of them? 17:16 how do you approach criticism of your work? 18:25 have you ever struggled with death of the author? 19:28 what is the names list 20:08 have you struggled with scope creep? 21:58 advice for artists trying to gain traction? 22:58 why tumblr is the best social media 23:25 best CD pickups over the years? 24:02 biggest lessons learned from each album release? 24:23 how do interviews like this fit into the persona of Jane Remover? 25:23 2024 predictions? 26:57 2014 is back in style 27:13 best small artists we should listen to? (links in desc) 28:48 reminiscing 29:08 artists you want to collaborate with? 29:57 what do you want to accomplish next? 30:34 jane's order at the diner 30:52 outro


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