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Title:The Moment When Happiness Begins | Build With Rob EP63

You don’t need to achieve your goals in order to be happy, you just have to start pursuing them. Happiness is not binary. You are not always either unhappy or unhappy, it’s a sliding scale with plenty of facets. But overall happiness can be achieved through the balanced pursuit of life goals. The first step is understanding yourself and what makes you happy. What gives you energy and what takes energy away. Through this process you can get clarity on the things you want to pursue in various aspects of your life, be it work, relationships, health, wealth, education, or anything else. With that clarity, you can then build a plan to incrementally work toward each of those goals every day. You will get closer and closer as you begin to execute your plan, but you must also realize that the so-called “finish line” or “light at the end of the tunnel” is not where true happiness resides. True happiness begins the moment you are clear on what you want to achieve to live the best version of your life, make a plan to get there, and begin to take those first steps. And it only gets better over time. ————————————————————————————— If you loved this episode, then make sure to come back next week! Subscribe to the channel if you haven't already: Join our Machinist Community, where you get to test products before they hit the market, influence key decisions, and collab with Rob: Want to be a guest on the show? Sign up here to pitch a video: And don't forget to: SEE IT. BELIEVE IT. DO IT.


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