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Title:Agent Phantom | Kung Fu Action film, Full Movie HD

Synopsis: The Action Movie "Agent Phantom" is about an agent story. Shanshan lost her memory and was often surrounded by nightmares. She felt so torturous. Jingshang found that Shanshan did not die, so he sent Hanano Mai to assassinate Shanshan. During these assassinations, Shanshan gradually came to know who she really was. Shanshan was not willing to be defied and began to fight back. Shanshan found Huo Shan through fragmentary memory, but she was asked to hand out the key by him. Shanshan restored her memory in the process of being interrogated. Then she killed Huo Shan. She started to revenge after she knew her identity. Jingshang learned that she didn't die, and he felt nervous. so he sent a guard who kidnapped Kaiwei to threaten Shanshan. When Shanshan knew Kaiwei was kidnapped, she came to the base camp. Shanshan killed Ku Miko, and found Jingshang. He told her as long as she defeated San Lang he would release Kaiwei. Shanshan and San Lang began a fierce battle, then San Lang was dead. But Jingshang broke his promise. So Shanshan shot him dead. Studio: Ding Xing Film Producer: Dong Shaobo Director: Xue Shao Writer: Yang Yuanzhuang Starring: Liu Xiaoqiao, Zhang Zongmin, Su Delun Genres: Action, MartialArts, Link of Our Channels: ----Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: ----Moxi Movie Trailers Channel: ----Moxi Music Channel: ----Moxi Movie Channel Official: ----Moxi Romance Movie Channel English:


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