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Title:How to start a career in NHS as a Data Analyst (for Beginners)

How to start a career in NHS as a Data Analyst. In this video, I discuss how you can start a career in the NHS in the UK as a Data Analyst. I wrote an article on Linkedin on this same topic. You can read the article via this link Book a call with me to discuss your skill level Contact me via email —Try these FREE Microsoft Excel courses— Introduction to Excel – Data with Excel – Tutorial – —SQL learning resources— FREE SQL Tutorial – PAID Platforms for learning SQL Use data from the below sources for your projects Kaggle: A Hub for Data Scientists and Machine Learning EnthusiastsKaggle is a thriving community of machine learning and data scientists, offering a treasure trove of data sets for practice and learning. Unveiling a Wealth of Data and Resources, the official website of the US government, is a goldmine for data enthusiasts seeking to sharpen their Excel skills. UK Office for National Statistics: A Wealth of UK-specific DataFor aspiring data analysts seeking UK-specific data and statistics, the UK Office for National Statistics is an invaluable resource. Unlocking the Power of Data: Visualize, Analyze, and Impact Data visualization is vital for data analysts to communicate complex insights effectively. As professionals advance, mastering data visualization tools becomes crucial for presenting data-driven narratives. Power BI, by Microsoft, enables interactive dashboards and reports with seamless data integration, ideal for real-time insights. Tableau offers an intuitive design and powerful capabilities, facilitating data-driven storytelling through interactive visualizations. --ABOUT ME-- Hello, everyone! My name is Ade Ayeni, and I am a passionate data analyst currently making a positive impact in the UK healthcare sector. I hold a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree from a prestigious Nigerian university, and I furthered my education by earning a Master's degree from a renowned university in the UK. With a strong foundation in data analytics and a drive for continuous learning, I am committed to leveraging the power of data to drive meaningful insights and advancements in the healthcare industry. Through my work, I aim to contribute to improved patient outcomes and the overall enhancement of healthcare services. In addition to my professional pursuits, my heart is filled with joy as a happily married individual, blessed with the love and support of my wonderful spouse. Together, we are blessed with two amazing boys, whose smiles and laughter brighten every aspect of our lives. As a family-oriented person, I find fulfillment in balancing my career with the joys of parenthood. It is my firm belief that a supportive family and a thriving career go hand in hand, empowering me to achieve personal and professional success. I am truly grateful for the opportunities life has presented me, and I am excited about the journey ahead. Thank you for being a part of my story, and I look forward to sharing more about my experiences and insights in the dynamic world of data analytics. Let's continue this exciting adventure together! Kind regards, Ade Ayeni


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