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Title:How To Skin Parts in Forged Carbon Fiber | DIY Chopped Carbon Fiber Tutorial

SEE UPDATES BELOW TO MAKE THE BEST PRODUCT! This video will teach you the start to finish process to skinning parts in real chopper carbon fiber (often referred to as forged carbon fiber, though the process is a bit different). This video goes over everything from part preparation, to resin and carbon fiber needed, to sanding, clear coating, and polishing, so your forged carbon fiber parts come out great! UPDATES: After a year, I can confirm that I'd recommend using a higher quality clear coat. This clear coat has faded and become rough. I'd recommend spending money for a higher quality clear coat. Also, be sure to use a UV resin designed for outdoors! Materials Used Venom Composites Chopped Carbon: Carbon Fiber Roller: Peel Ply: Sanding Disks: Sand Paper: Polish: Visit my shop for automotive, handmade gifts, parts, and more! Support CashedOutCars on Patreon, and get exclusive benefits! End Screen Music: 3mbrace - Issues 0:00 Video Introduction 0:26 Part Introduction 0:44 Bodywork 3:35 Carbon Materials 5:12 Preparation 7:25 Carbon Layup 11:07 Sanding and Recoat 13:30 Clear Coat 17:15 Final Touches / Outro *All links are affiliate links, purchasing through them means a small portion of the total cost goes towards supporting the channel, and there's NO additional cost to you! CashedOutCars is NOT liable for any damage done as a result of videos posted on this channel. Work on and modify your car at your own risk!


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