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Title:Полынь. Полынь горькая. Свойства полыни, применение.

Wormwood herb is represented on our planet by more than 200 species. We most often find wormwood, common wormwood or Chernobyl and tarragon. Attention!!! Wormwood, chernobyl is very similar in appearance to the poisonous weed Ambrosia polynolist. Look carefully at the appearance of wormwood, so as not to be confused. The properties of wormwood are most pronounced, which is why it is used both in folk and official medicine more than other species. From this video you will learn what wormwood looks like, when to collect wormwood, what differences wormwood has, how to prepare a wormwood decoction, that is, wormwood infusion, how wormwood tincture and dry wormwood are used. It is not for nothing that wormwood was popularly called a miracle herb. It is used for many diseases and has a significant positive effect. But we must remember that wormwood and wormwood are poisonous plants. Wormwood benefit or harm is much dependent on compliance with the dose and duration of use of this plant. But still, wormwood brings a lot of benefits to a person, so it is also called God's grass or holy grass, since it is almost from all diseases. 00:00 Types of wormwood. 01:56 What wormwood looks like, description of wormwood. 02:02 Wormwood. 02:20 Wormwood, Chernobyl. 03:07 Tarragon, tarragon. 03:34 When to collect wormwood. 04:17 Wormwood flowers. 04:45 Properties of wormwood. 06:04 Wormwood application. 07:32 Infusion of wormwood, decoction of wormwood. 08:03 Wormwood tincture. 08:44 How to drink wormwood. 09:19 Dry wormwood. 10:07 How to take dry wormwood. 11:23 Wormwood harm, contraindications. How To Do It Yourself magazine talks about various useful tips that will be useful to every person in his life, regardless of gender and age. We will try to tell you simply about how best to make a product, how to make your choice, or how best to act in a given situation. All suggested tips are tested on our own experience. Our website -


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