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Title:High on Life (Xbox Series X) (High on Knife DLC - Part 12) Special Delivery

Check out part 12 of my Xclusive Playthrough series featuring the High on Knife DLC in the game High On Life! This game released on the Xbox One and Xbox Series family of consoles on December 13th, 2022. It was developed and published by Squanch Games. In this video, the bounty hunter's attempt to escape from Muxxalon is interrupted by Mux. High On Life is the latest game from Squanch Games and Justin Roiland, who is the creator of the animated show Rick and Morty (and Trover Saves the Universe which was this studio's first foray into the world of game development). It is a first-person shooter game with lots of comedic writing and sequences along with action-adventure and Metroidvania elements. The game starts off with the main character (an unnamed teenager who recently graduated from high school with no job and seemingly no ambition) playing one of his favorite video games on what seems to be a regular boring day. This apparently mundane life is soon flipped completely upside down when an alien species appears out of nowhere and begins their invasion of earth. During all of the commotion the player ends up looting a talking gun which ends up being a species of charismatic alien guns called the "Gatlians". Kenny (the name of the Gatlian Gun) mentions that the only way to save planet earth and the entirety of the human race is to find the famous bounty hunter known as Gene Zaroothian. Kenny ends up warping the entire house to the Blim City and when they finally come across Gene they discover that he is now a washed-up has-been who is not only homeless, but also completely crippled. This leads Gene to convincing both Kenny and the player character to pick up the mantle of the famous bounty hunter and save not only planet earth, but also all of Blim City and the main character's parents from Garmantous and his evil G3 Cartel. This game is first and foremost a first-person shooter with action-adventure and metroidvania elements that actually feels very smooth to play with pretty responsive controls. The gameplay loop is fairly simple as the game tasks you with assassinating select targets (who are some of the higher-ups within the G3 Cartel) which leads the player to exploring the target's lair and ends with a usually chaotic boss fight. Throughout the game the player will come across five different Gatlian guns along with a hilarious sentient knife who often spouts profanities and insults at pretty much everyone in his vicinity. Both the guns and the knife have a normal purpose within the midst of combat, however, they also have special abilities that allow the player to traverse the world in different ways and gain access to otherwise locked pathways or areas. For example, Kenny has a special lob shot called "Glob Shot" which can be used on certain platforms to rotate them. The player can also gain and upgrade various abilities such as a jetpack which allows them to traverse various gaps and also reach otherwise hard-to-reach places. The game's action-adventure and metroidvania elements come in the form of various puzzles, platforming sections and areas that will have to be revisited once the player gains or upgrades various abilities. Finally, with regards to the achievements in this game: High on Life includes a total of 32 achievements for a total of 1000 GS. Most of the achievements here are either story-related or can be earned after the game is over as the game does allow you to keep exploring and collect the remainder of the collectibles once the game's credits roll. The game does also include some missable achievements (9 of them to be exact) which you should be on the lookout for such as "Fallout Doesn't Let You Do This". Completing the game itself along with 100% of the achievements earned will take anywhere between 8 to 20 hours as the game also includes quite a few diversions that will most likely draw your attention for a decent amount of time. Timestamps: 0:00 - Destroy Mux's Organs to Escape 15:53 - Enter Mux's Core 17:00 - Take Out Mux I consider myself an avid achievement hunter and completionist so if you have any questions regarding a certain game or achievement be sure to leave a comment on any of my videos and I will try my best to assist you. Thank you for all of your support! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a like and subscribe! Also, follow me on Twitch: I love to play all kinds of different games and genres on a regular basis so I know that there will always be something to suit everyone's tastes! :) Thanks for watching!! #HighOnLife #XboxSeriesX #SquanchGames #JustinRoiland #Gaming #VideoGames #Xbox #XboxOne #XboxOneX #GamplayWalkthrough #Walkthrough


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