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Title:15 Minute Full Body Stress Reset: Self-Care Fascial Maneuvers #Fascia

These 3 basic Fascial Maneuvers can help reduce 70-80% of the stress in the body, it can be done once or twice a day. If done for 28 days most issues will begin to resolve themselves as the fascia begins flow, stress & inflammation naturally reduce. This reset will reprogram the body out of a habitual stress cycle and allow the body to do what it does best- heal itself. Share your experiences with fascial maneuvers in the comments and in our community Follow us on IG & TikTok for Self Care Techniques & Body hacks: @humangarage Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:16 Palate Swipe 2:12 Totally Twisted: Right Side 6:46 Totally Twisted: Left Side 10:30 Anti-Gravity 14:35 Walk It Out! Multi Language: Japanese: Dutch (Netherlands): Spanish / Español: Want More Languages? Leave a comment below and let us know which languages you would like to see! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To learn more: Visit our Shop: SUPPORT US - FEATURED PARTNERS & AFFILIATES Using our partner & affiliate links help support our mission to empower over a billion people worldwide to heal themselves & help their communities. Your continued support enables us to create free content and classes. Alkaviva Water Filters & Ionizers - Free HG supplements w/ unit: Bioptimizers 10% off - Code: HUMANGARAGE MassZymes: P3 Probiotics: BioOptimizers UK ONLY Essential Oil Wizardry 10% off - Code: HUMANGARAGE IIN Integrative Nutrition School - Free Class: Sirius Joy - Astrology App: Vivobarefoot Shoes Canada - CODE: HUMANGARAGE15 - 15% off Vivobarefoot Shoes World - CODE: HUMANGARAGEVIVO15 - 15% off Glory Juice (Vancouver) - Organic juices & food: HUMAN GARAGE SUPPLEMENTS Get PowerCurc: Get Fascial Flow: Get Fascial Foundation: Fascial Supplement Package: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS About Us & Our Mission: Media Requests & Partnerships: Donate: Blog: Podcasts: Join our newsletter: Heal Myself: Join a Virtual Class / Attend an Event: Fascial Maneuvers: 1 Day Reset: 3 Day Reset: 7 Day Reset 28 Day Reset: Socials TikTok: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook Group: Private Facebook Group:


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