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Title:What is a particle in Wolfram's universe?

It’s pretty easy to see how three-dimensional space might arise from Wolfram Physics. The hypergraph kinda looks like space, and, for some rules, it kinda looks like it’s three-dimensional. But our universe isn’t just empty three-dimensional space. It’s mostly empty space, but there are also particles moving through that space: photons, neutrinos, electrons, quarks. Sometimes, these particles interact, annihilating each other and producing new particles. If Wolfram Physics is to be a successful model of our universe, it must, of course, model these elementary particles and their interactions. So where are the particles in the hypergraph? What is a particle in Wolfram’s universe? — Animations: - Thanks to Alan Dewar for permission to use his excellent implementation of Conway’s Game of Life for many of the animations in the video - Thanks also to Chris Rowett for permission to use his Life Viewer another beautiful implementation of Conway’s Game of Life, which I used for the greyship animation in the video and image in the thumbnail - Another implementation of Conway’s Game of Life, which reproduces the Life Lexicon from is at Sources: - Talking of that’s another incredible resource for information on Conway’s Game of Life Tools: - I created an RLE to text converter to convert Run Length Encoded patterns to plain text format Images: - John H Conway 2005 by Thane Plambeck licensed under CC BY 2.0 Sounds: - Crickets choir by Serg Childed licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 — The Last Theory is hosted by Mark Jeffery founder of the Open Web Mind Prefer to listen to the audio? Search for The Last Theory in your podcast player, or listen at The full article is at Kootenay Village Ventures Inc.


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